Arduino LED AcroSuit@Ozora 2014

Ozora festival in Hungary is a magic place where creativity comes to life in thousands of different art expressions. In 2014 we thought of applying the infinite possibilities of Arduino to an AcroYoga performance in the Chill Out Dome. We were running a workshop of LED lights in the HackerSpace of the ArtBarn and on the way to […]

Sri Lanka – campione asiatico delle aree protette

In Sri Lanka, lacrima del sub-continente, terra dalla terra rossa e il cielo blu, il paesaggio cambia da nord a sud come se si attraversassero mille paesi. Sentieri di terra rossa e fitta giungla si alternano a colline verde scuro dalle foglie dal colore intenso delle piante di tè mentre, lungo le coste di sabbia bianca battute dal vento, il colore del […]

Piedi – Feet

5 dita, un dorso, un arco e un tallone che racchiudono l’intero corpo umano. I piedi, i miei, posano per una foto. Post in continuo aggiornamento….   5 toes, a ball, a back and a heel encompassing the whole human body. Feet, my feet, pose for a picture. Post to be continued….  

Wilpattu National Park

Riaperto nel 2003 dopo 18 anni di chiusura al pubblico per via della guerra civile, il Parco Nazionale di Wilpattu e’ uno dei più antichi dello Sri Lanka e uno dei più ricchi in biodiversita’, nonche’ uno degli ultimi luoghi al mondo dove e’ possibile osservare il leopardo allo stato brado. I mesi migliori per […]

Subwing, the ultimate watertoy to try in the Gilis!

There is a new watertoy in the Gilis, a brand new board that allows you to fly under the water, do acrobatics and observing the coral reef at the same time. Basically, you can enjoy a fast forward 4D underwater movie while lazily been dragged by a boat at speed or deep diving with the […]

Le bambou – La plante miraculeuse – Résistante, à feuilles persistantes et à croissance rapide

Il n’est pas surprenant que le bambou soit une plante appréciée dans le monde entier. Traditionnellement utilisé comme matériau de construction aussi bien que comme plante médicinale en Asie et en Amérique, le bambou est récemment devenu populaire en raison de son aspect écologique. C’est en effet un substitut idéal au bois de la foret […]

Bamboo – The miracle plant! Enduring evergreen and fast-growing

It is no wonder that bamboo is a plant valued worldwide. Traditionally used in Asia and in the Americas as a building material as well as a medical plant, it has recently gained popularity because of its environmental role. In fact, bamboo is a fast-growing plant that grows everywhere and adapts to any climate, this […]

Gili Life – Pearl: precious, elegant, the perfect gift!

    You may have already noticed some jewelry sellers walking up and down Gili’s white beaches, loaded with shiny necklaces made of round and oval pearl-looking beads. Maybe, you have found yourself making skeptical remarks about the value and veracity of these pearls and the reliability of the beach sellers. Are these pearl real? […]